Thursday, December 27, 2012

Less than a year - Turn the Pressure On

Less than a year. So many things to plan, to do, to execute. I want to do some of it but I feel like I want to do it when he's back already. Hmmm.. at least I did the first few steps, approach the priest that I really really really want to conduct our marriage. I got his number and the phone number I should call for wedding schedules. I also have the number of potential church where we would be married. I'm still thinking of having options but OLA is also special to us. We attended mass there when we were still starting in our relationship. So many prayers uttered that I want to keep and love him for the rest of my life inside that church. What else? Reception? Food Tasting? But which caterer? Entourage? Number of guests? What's our color motif? Perhaps a theme? So many ideas in mind but which idea to keep? I feel the pressure on. Less than a year before I walk down the aisle - I feel excited and there's the undefined feeling not sure what it is. Maybe I would know in less than a year? I just know I'm sure it would be lovely. But waaaaaaaaa!!! What would happen by then? No concrete plans yet. :( But hey he assured me last night, "Basta, ako bahala hon." And then I felt the pressure went down. :) Whatever it would be, surrounded by the relevant and significant people in our life, on the day we would both say our "I do". The details are just second to the important things. The most important detail is my groom, how I would walk slowly down the aisle looking at him "hopefully not crying, oh my make up!" haha! Basta, kahit san pa yan, kahit gano pa kasimple yan - ang importante ikaw ang groom ko. I'm.just.excited. :)

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