Monday, July 25, 2011

First Impressions

Year 2001. Start of sophomore year. Heard we'll have new classmates. Ok, at least most of us and my friends are intact. I looked at them one by one and formed my first impressions inside my head. There was this guy he looked like he did not really want to be in our class. His uniform was not smartly worn. He was not neat-looking. One of those boys who are happy go lucky I guess. Not one of those that would make me look at them for at least three seconds just for the sake of staring. That's all I can think of whenever I try to remember how he looked when I first saw him sometimes I even laugh whenever I think of it not that he looked funny, it's because I'm laughing of how mean my First Impression was, he was "not neat looking, average, not my type".

I wasn't really expecting that I'd be transferred to the other section. But on the first day of my second year on high school, I found out that I'll be on the first section. When I was in that class, I'd still hang out with my friends from the other class. I didn't really get along with them very well at the start I felt like I was surrounded by geeks, nerds or bookworms but eventually it got better. There was this cute girl, or should I say small girl sitting at the back. She has long wavy hair, average height, average body, average girl. She didn't really get my attention. I can barely notice her. But there are some times that she really looks nice, but during that time, she's not my type. I liked someone else, and I found out, that they were friends.

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