Monday, August 8, 2011


I thought of blogging months ago but I was hesitant because I know for sure I'm just going to write down cheesy blogs, all about love, all about him - mostly if not all. I don't know if that's okay because as sure as my heart is, as sure as my mind is - all things are possible in a positive and in a negative way. All I know is I want some story to read someday. I'm not sure if this blog is ever going to have a happy ending and if my kids would read some inspiring story someday or a hurtful story. But then again here I am speaking out my mind or my heart or my mind? Whichever, I love him. I've always wanted someone who would always make me feel loved - And I'll give it back twice. That's how I perceived what would my relationship be someday. I wanted it to be serious, my heart is fragile. I'm a hopeless romantic, I thought of having my first and last boyfriend - if that's ever possible (still possible as of the moment). I wanted it to be perfect but I guess that word was created for definition purposes only. As for me, I don't need a robot. I love him dearly. Who would have guessed that the guy who's scratched out from my standards the first time I saw him would be the perfect imperfect love I would cherish for 85 months now? It's not always happy. I had moments of crying and questioning if it's ever gonna work. But he's everything I need, I want, I love that I even also hugged the painful distance.

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