Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Awkward Blackout

Algebra time, if my memory does not fail me, last subject for the day. I was listening to our teacher when my eyes began to see blackouts. I thought my eyes were just failing me cause I did not wear my glasses. But then, I felt heavy on my chest and it was hard to breathe. Ok, just close your eyes and then breathe slowly maybe you're just dead tired of all the lessons for the day. But then, I felt cold and then my classmate in front of me looked at me maybe because she heard my heavy breathing, "Waaa!!! Ang putla mo!!!" And then I couldn't find my energy to respond back. My classmate told our teacher, and I was told go to the clinic. "Ayoko po.", was the response I could only say because firstly I didn't want to go to the clinic besides it's only a few minutes more until dismissal and secondly I don't have the energy to walk to the clinic even if I wanted to. And then our health officer approached me so she could accompany me to the clinic, suddenly I could hear bees around me. I couldn't understand any of the words they were saying, I was not sure if they were talking to me or they were talking to each other. As soon as I tried to walk my knees were too weak I managed to go out of our classroom but on the middle of the walk to the clinic which seemed so far that time I think I almost fainted, did someone catch me? Yes, someone helped me and carried me to the clinic... For a few seconds, he carried me but as soon as I realized what was happening... Ooopppss awkward! "Wait lang, wait lang kaya ko na maglakad." But really, thanks to you, you're really such a good friend and my hero for the day. And wow, of all who has concern you were the 1st who stood up to carry me, thanks friend. =)

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